Mold Design & Fabricate

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Cangzhou Ruichi Hardware is professional in the One-Stop Solution for OEM &ODM metal stamping. Our factory has advanced production equipments and capacity, and professional design team. currently covers an area of 12000 square meters, we have 100 staffs in the production line and 12 designers with the capacity to meet the need within 500 tons of stamping. Mold design & fabricate is also one part of the one stop service solution.

Mold design & fabricate refer to the digital design of enterprise mold, including cavity mold and cold die, on the basis of traditional mold design, the full application of digital design tools, improve the quality of mold design and shorten the mold design cycle.

It includes the mold design and mold fabrication.

Design Procedure:

1. Analyze the feasibility of the products designed by the mold.
2. The work to be carried out after the product analysis, what kind of mold structure is used for the analysis of the product, and the product is arranged, and the content of each process is determined, and the product is launched using the design software, such as: CAD drawing, 3D drawing and 3D reverse reconstruction according to the sample.

Fabricate Procedure:

3. Material preparation, according to the product development drawing for material preparation, determine the template size in the drawing, including each fixed plate, unloading plate, convex and concave die, insert, etc.
4. After the material preparation is completed, you can fully enter the drawing of the mold, and make another one in the material preparation drawing to draw each component.
5. In the above drawing is completed, still need to check mold drawings, all the accessories group, different mould for each piece of plate production of different layers, and in the same benchmark as guide pin hole until the mould assembling analysis, and the products in each process graph set into the assembly drawing, make sure that the template hole position is consistent and bending position of the lower die clearance fit is correct.