marble bracket

1. Suitable for concrete walls. Anchors are fixed directly on to concrete walls with expansion bolts. 2. In horizontal joint installation slabs are pinned on the bottom and upper sides. Anchors act as load bearing carrying half 3. The weight of the slabs above. Anchors also act as restraint holding the slabs below and restraining against wind suction and pressure 4. In vertical joints installation slabs are pinned at the left and right sides. Anchors on the bottom are load-bearing anchors carrying the whole weight of the slab. Half the weight of the slab on the left and half the weight of the slab on the right. Anchors on the top are restraint anchors holding the slabs and restraining against wind suction and pressure 5. Three - dimensional adjustability allows quick and easy installation

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  • Product : marble bracket
  • Material : Galvanized steel, stainless steel and so on
  • Application : For connection of wall and marble, glass, ceramic tile and so on
  • Surface treatment: Galvanized, zinc plated, etc
  • Packaging: Carton, pallet
  • OEM: Accept


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