Ruichi was established (founded) in 2008 which as an OEM factory for domestic trading companies from Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin and so on.

To know the market better and provide overseas clients more proper and reasonable prices products, we decided to set up our own exporting department in 2009.



In 2010, we realized setting up foreign trade department and built the sales team to start international business.

In 2011, we developed the ventilation accessories series products in US market. One of our ventilation accessories damper blade has the complete sizes and thicknesses with more than 100 specifications and occupied around 40% market share in US.



In 2012, according to the demands of customers, we added a new production line to produce access doors. So far, there are 12 styles and 108 different sizes products under production and sale. The access doors products have been welcomed and approved by customers.

In 2013, we established good relationship with German customer and developed nearly 9 series of furniture brackets.



In 2014, we developed our own TV brackets, striving to good quality and lower price by process and cost control. At the same year, this series products exported to South Africa, India and Russia.

In 2015 we developed the products of casting parts, machined parts and springs and expended our exporting range.



In 2016, we developed a kind of product for US customer which gained patent in US and practical patent for new technology in China. This kind of product is more convenient to use and saves installation time.

In 2017 and 2018, we attended HVAC exhibition in US. Our products were welcomed and approved by customers. Our biggest wish is to provide more good products to customers.